Laced with Lulu Rouge, an evening dose of Nina Simone before bed does the soul a whole lotta good. 

Try to stop watching this….it’s impossible. 

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis // Thrift Shop

La blogothèque // Francesco Tristano

Peter Broderick//Machinefabriek

Tonight's Study Music - Santiago & Bushido (S&B RADIO) 012

Alexandre Desplat // The Heroic Weather Conditions of the Universe 

  • Afternoon tumblrers, what might your thoughts be on adding soft background music onto my page? Nothing absurd, loud, or conventional, but something unique to set the mood when someone peruses my page.

Kid Kishore // Bhangra ‘n Bass (Ska vi slås)

Wild Beasts // Reach A Bit Further

Press play if you like kittens. Here is a brief glimpse of the magic that encapsulates Copenhagen, especially in the summer. I wish events like this happened more often in the States, more importantly Dallas. After living here for nearly 2 years, it’s becoming more apparent how stuffy the city is. While there is an abundance of successful people here, it feels stuffy, serious, and uber conservative. Despite my attempt to befriend a more liberal and progressive crowd, the effort was futile. The search is still on.